We are the ATTA Collective.


We are a community of individuals united in the belief that art and technology have the power to transform people's minds and hearts, and the world we live in.

Together, we work on creative projects that amplify voices, share stories, and raise awareness to a diverse range of issues that matter to us.


Through artistic freedom and collaboration, we seek to nurture individuality, inspire compassion, and mobilize generations of thinkers, dreamers, creators, and advocates.

What is Artistic Activism?

Artistic Activism is a dynamic practice combining the creative power of the arts to move us emotionally with the strategic planning of activism necessary to bring about social change.

Why Artistic Activism?

1.  Artistic activism mobilizes affect and effect

Artistic Activism is a practice aimed at generating Æffect: emotionally resonant experiences

that lead to measurable shifts in power. 

2. Artistic activism thrives in the contemporary landscape

Humans make sense of our world through stories and symbols that frame the information

we receive and then act accordingly. 

3. Artistic activism has been used throughout history

Throughout history the most effective civic actors have married the arts with campaigns for social change, using aesthetic approaches to provide a critical perspective on the world as it is and imagine the world as it could be.

4. Artistic activism creates openings

The ability of artistic activism to surprise us provides an opportunity to disrupt people’s preconceived notions of art and protest, and their predetermined ideas about the messages we are trying to communicate. The creative innovation at the heart of artistic activism provides something uncommon, or out of place, that can attract attention and become memorable.

5. Artistic activism is accessible

Activism is foreign to many people, and a bit daunting: it seems to take too much commitment, too much risk, and too much time. Unlike fine arts or political policy, artistic activism takes no specialized knowledge for an audience to “get it.” And, as an art form, artistic activism is always open to multiple meanings and, thus, multiple ways for the audience to connect.

6. Artistic activism stimulates a culture of creativity

Artistic activism, is forever doing things and creating reactions that are unintended.

The creative process of artistic activism encourages us to notice, reflect, and be open to new creative and political possibilities.

7. Artistic activism energizes people and organizations

Artistic activism is a way to connect with the artist inside of every activist and the activist within every artist, redrawing connections so that artistic activism generates fun and pleasure rather than sacrifice and guilt and, in the process, reintegrating and re-energizing our lives.

8. Artistic activism is about the long game

Through sound and image and movement, artistic activism can conjure up a vision of what could be in the future and communicate it to others in the here and now. Art gives us the vision. Activism helps us make the road to get there.

9. Artistic activism is peaceful and persuasive

Artistic activism is aimed at hearts and minds, not bodies or buildings. By creating moving experiences, we can prompt people to question the world as it is, imagine a world as it could be, and join together to make that new world real. Artistic activism is Æffective power.

Art and Technology

Check out the video below to learn about how art and technology intersect!