The ATTA Collective was formed by a team of engineers, artists, and community leaders who shared a desire to work on creative projects that push the boundaries of technology and art. Collectively, we build public art installations rooted in sustainability and social justice to transform how people think and live.


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Colleen Qiu

Colleen has always believed in the transformative power of art. In a time of crises like ours, she believes empathy is needed more than ever. With a background in Civil Engineering and a strong interest in architecture and humanitarian work, Colleen is eager to create things that move people emotionally to raise awareness of broader societal issues. She was very excited to join ATTA with other amazing, like-minded individuals.

Dolma Tsundu

Dolma was inspired to initiate ATTA  after spending a year abroad reconnecting with her love of the arts, and her experience creating an interactive art installation for a museum in Rotterdam. An engineering student at the time, she recognized the lack of opportunities in her community to combine art and technology for impact. She hoped ATTA could become a community for individuals to dream big, see their ideas through to reality,  and harness their power through creativity. 

Maria Cordoba

From a young age, Maria has been drawn to art in all of its expressions. For Maria, art has always been a force that succeeds in bringing people together. Her decision to join ATTA came from her desire to form part of a unique collective. Throughout her life, she encountered organizations shining a light to issues through either technology or art, but seldom by amalgamating the two. She thought it beautiful to create, question, and denounce through both mediums along with friends. Her personal goal is to contribute to the forces driving change in our communities and shared spaces.

Farah Sadek

Farah is a 


Dr. Naomi Zimmerman

Dr. Zimmerman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Canada Research Chair in Sustainability at The University of British Columbia. She also leads the Integrated Research in Energy, Air, Climate & Health (iREACH) laboratory.  Her research revolves around the development and application of real-world-based tools to quickly and quantitatively assess the impact of our policy and technology decisions on air pollution and climate outcomes, and to use the knowledge gained to support better environmental policy planning.

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Reach out to us at attavancouver@gmail.com!