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Corona Collection - Vancouver

Corona in Vancouver: A Historical Collection Project
Corona Collection - Vancouver

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April - ?

About the Work

How will future generations know what the Corona crisis has meant for Vancouver? 

An initiative inspired by the Wien Museum, the ATTA Collective is looking for your help to ensure that this important time in Vancouver's history is not forgotten. The outbreak of the coronavirus and the measures taken against it are radically changing life. Now is the time to capture it. 

Please send us creative pieces (photos, drawings, writing, etc.) that depict your new private or professional life in the times of COVID-19. All languages and mediums of work will be accepted. A selection of the submitted pieces will be incorporated into a multimedia exhibit created by the ATTA Collective.

Send your piece(s) via this form or send us an e-mail to attavancouver@gmail.com with a brief desciption of what it means to you. If you would like to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your email. You can also tag us on Instagram @atta_collective. There is currently no deadline.

By sending your piece, you agree to its publication by the ATTA Collective. We will contact you in the future if your work will be included in our exhibit. We will do our best to include all submissions. 

To learn more about the Wien Museum initative, please click here.

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