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When Air Takes Shape

Empathy through breathing to address global air pollution.
When Air Takes Shape

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About the Work

Within the current climate emergency, human livelihoods are at stake. Those in less developed regions are especially vulnerable to environmental crises. As far as our world is from being a collection of isolated utopias, many privileged individuals do not understand the urgency, or possess the knowledge, to act upon climate change. However, our consumption demands can increase the risks of individuals dying from air pollution in other parts of the world. As an alarming example, U.S. consumption is responsible for about 100,000 deaths occurring elsewhere in the world. Of those deaths, about 50 percent occur in China, with another 20 percent occurring elsewhere in Asia. Yet, consumerism persists, paralleled with the exploitation of individuals and the environment.

How do we make air pollution feel more personal? We propose an interactive structure to help Vancouver communities visualize air quality and understand how our emissions influence the climate. Contrasting local Vancouver data to global air quality will inform our about the severity of air quality concerns, and of the ongoing need for creative solutions and for sustainable decision-making in order to ensure a sustainable future for all.

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